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Friday, February 16, 2007


revised geo-thermal arguments

Alot of things in the corpus christi economy are things that are unwanted by the fedral government. This includes the oil refineries, military bases, strip clubs... Along comes an opportunity to have people from out of town pay us to build things that pay taxes. How do we as a community maximise opportunities, what is the sales pitch we should come up with. Can the argument include other items that makes the target market (environmental investors) feel good about coming up with more cash.

Tourism... Believe it or not when you go into the capital markets you get to have a shareholder meeting once a year when those investors come to town and buy stuff...

Other jobs... Throwing in a non-profit to recycle various items.. It sounds good and environmentalists (our customers i.e. enviermentalists) like such things and there is nothing wrong with asking for a donation on a trash, water of gas bill.

other electricity... windtowers are more profitable when they are combined with other items (preferably other windtowers though).

The idea that it is just a small part of the economy isn't that important. We would still be doomed and the feds will still despise us but it is a start..


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