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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


siri merfer exc..

I was looking at tv's looks like I would drop from 72 watts to 35 to 40 watts. I don't know if they have the remote controls and the standby energy. I would like to have a switch to turn of an outlet in the outlet. I don't know that it would drop my electric down enough to pay for itself. Not being around the apartment probily drops it down further. I am looking at $200 and I think I might put up with my broken volume button a little longer.

sirius/xmsr. If uyou believe the merger is going through you would short serius and buy xmsr. xmsr should be worth over $18 based on where the price of serius is right now, all units of the combined company being even.

There a little racial stuff from the white guy at work. It is like he is trying to annoy people.. bad idea something like that can backfire on himself bad.. We have the best lobby person, traffic during the week is a little slower, maybe alot slower I am not sure if I have it in the proper context

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