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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


some led notes

I sort of got a background view on some of the selling points of led lights by looking at different companies. I don't think it is so much about less watage in alot of cases it is about less labor going up into the skylights and replacing the bulbs. The strange size bulbs connected to fire exits and flood lights are going to led. It looks like they are taking it nitch by nitch and even with a bulb for the residential market they may not wipe out flouresent quickly. I am looking on the internet and the odd size bulb market along with the market for bulbs for highway signs have went to the leb bulbs. 15 watt bulbs can now be 1 watt with less labor for replacing the bulbs. It looks like they may have a nitch in the home market if they can advertise that they are mercury free. mailing the bulbs or dumping them when you are out in the country are not convienient. If you compare recycling with the fuel used to drive the bulbs every three years compared to dumping them, going for a ten year bulb may be attractive. There is some question as to what the wattage is going to be on the larger bulbs. The current range of bulbs have the 20 watt equilivent flood lights using more than flouresent. It is not clear yet what the nano-led bulbs are going to do for that wattage requirement.

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