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Monday, February 19, 2007


some stalking

The button on my tv set went into the set... My computer is at 40 watts so The question I have is if my computer is at 40 watts shouldn't I be able to get a television set that is less than 120 wattage. I think the answer is yes when I look into it using google I come up with lcd (liquid display). I haven't tried to estimate how long it takes a new lcd to pay for itself and maybe it doesn't. I found one at 10 watts and one at around 40 watts but that is just an introductory search where older high priced items in google. bears more research.. One thing that is mentioned is that when the set automatically goes on and off the set is always drawing wattage. I am not sure if there is a way around that or not..

I have some stalking going on where a group of Hispanic people follow me on the bus lines and then try to get me an attitude about working. You can follow the claim it isn't retaliation when someone else harrass's you and claims they have a murder contract that way regardless of what you do to retaliate and try to do to blacklist someone you can claim you are trying to protect that person.. Someone is role playing waiting for a particular bus regardless of what number it changes to. That has something to do with stalking and audio harassment done with a broadcasting device. At times I have had the county police time me on return visits during shouting matches (it is their property and the county has jurisdiction over the refineries, damage to the guys voice from fumes leads me to that conclusion.

some police officers come into the store and said person takes a chance they shouldn't. (sort of a humpty dumpty problem) talks about all the abuse and crazy abuse stuff from family members on the guys side of the family. Generally just sounds like a bunch of reasons she shouldn't have custody. We are faced towards the outside window looking away from the city police department. Satanist stuff where everything he says is a lie exc. exc. exc. I caught on to that, it's annoying.. There is alot of number 4 (probily number 4) that can probily be sneaked on to a city recycling truck..

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