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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


terrorist attack references computer music november 2000

Terrorist attack refrences computer music november 2000. This is on page 4 and 5 of the magazines index. page 5 is the creapiest.

80 b4
84 TerraTec ews88d

so looking at the magizine under reviews it looks like b4 terr ateck

terrateck sells sound cards that are packaged with software and the software includes jeskola buzz. Could be just buzz on these cards.

the samplier that is mentioned in 31 isn't easy to find (unless I have the wrong issue)

84 and B4 look alot alike in the typeface giving it sort of a double effect.

terrateck is mentioned as a budget wonder.

buzz faqs (jeskola buzz) is on page 48.

page 35 states

"Net Guide ............. 50"
"To cakewalk sites. It is massive in America and big over here.
we check out it's net pressence"

cakewalk is a boston company that can use jeskola buzz machines.

another terratec is on page 78 and also on 79 the phrase verdict is listed on the bottom.

This is hard to realy roleplay but maybe there is something I don't see with it..

page 102 and 103

"every product listed in the last 11 issues"

headlines in the middle are

Buying advice (you know what you want)
Plan of Attack (before parting with your cash)
Mail order (doing it on the phone)
Use Protection (There are ways and means...)
Complaining (hopefully you don't have to )

verdict list is (verdict is the number)

Cubase 10 (number 10's are in red)
logic audio 10
cubase 10 (another version of cubase)
music center 9 (number 9's are in green like money)
FruityLoops 9 (this was befour they combined with jeskola buzz)

The slogan for the magazine on page 114 is The Future Network Media With Passion

massiva is also metioned (don't think it is online anymore with one of those strange go pages like that had everywhere in jeskola buzz) http://www.go.to/massiva

I missed this the first time if it is relevent

page 14 Rack Attack

Profesional Audio Solutions


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