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Thursday, February 08, 2007


tssp, j programming language, short a auto parts company that is bankrupt

I started looking at the j programming language and they are telling me I can reproduce it but from what I am seeing it has copyright protection. I found that it does have a use in anamation.. I E. a combination of creating a 3d model and using the built in zoom in and zoom out for screen capture and going to and from planets.

I am looking at tssp.pk what I did was go through the entire list of distibuters looking for thier products. Well mostly. I didn't see thier products listed anywhere except the company they had linked to. The other companies do not mention them. What they are doing is saying that they are making money all of a suddon. I did see that if you go through all the pages they claim they are distributing some items for other manufactures. I would go through the calafornia list and look for one that has a bbs and ask them what they do with thier products and how much it would cost for them. I saw some mention of them having 71 shareholders..

dora is in bankrupcy and I keep getting harrased and being asked why don't I buy a car. So I shorted it.. I don't know if this is a good idea or not.. I don't understand why it is still trading.

I recieved a call today from someone claiming to be from the sperion temp agency at about 10. she said she wanted me to go to an interview that was several miles away, then go back several miles the other way to take a drug test and then go back in 3.5 hours. She did claim she could give me a ride. See the above I shorted a car company in bankrupcy. It is the other side of the trade I feel bad for why would anyone make an investment that is that bad. The auto worker is screwed anyway and if you want to help them you would short and give them the cash at this point.

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