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Friday, February 23, 2007


txu the calpine of coal?

I say this about txu and I think dynergy. The risk is that coal is going to find alot of other uses like clean diesel and other fuels along with alot of other new plants. The other risk is regulation to support natural gas prices for venezuala. I like babcock and brown wind and spi (scottish power) along with ida. I was looking at burger king another stock that is owned by the buyout firm. Looks good and it has a dividend. I breifly considered selling a put and buying a call. Looks like a growth company although a franchise like we have here in corpus christi might consider other nearby towns to deversify some of the locational risk. Looks like the farm workers union is unhappy about the price of tommatoes. They did get another chain to get them more money in florida and to get the money to the workers (in florida). Burger king (we are a franchisee not corperate in corpus) said they would offer the farm workers help in getting jobs at burger king but they had no control over wages. This of course could be bad or a way for people to play devils advocate for political reasons. Franchisees that have problems may consider the company that does $4 trades that look like dividend reinvestment as part of the wages maybe a percent or something,

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