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Saturday, February 10, 2007


vaero monopoly and questionable behavior

A person claiming to be from sperion sent me to a place that purports to be a liberty tax service location at 2833 baldwin. He doesn't have any of the mr liberty things he wants me and him to dress up in the miss liberty thing and stand outside and this is an example to a male child... The shell monopoly station became a stripes valero.. Now there are three valeros on the holly and kostorez intersection... It has to be saatire but why the person is spending cash on it is unkown to me... I saw another canadate velisek or somesuch democrat admits you can't run all of america's cars on corn and then says something vauge about biomass. If he said more I am unaware of it because I wasn't paying that much attention.. Seems to have more of a grasp than clinton as far as what to do..

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