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Friday, February 02, 2007


what does posting oil spills around citgo (costal) get you

I would be harassed and then just leave and walk different places. Sometimes I would walk down the railroad tracks behind the oil refineries, posting stuff about all the spills I saw down the railroad tracks. I say this because I am still trying to understand why someone would want me off the Internet badly enough to abuse children.. (If that is what was to happen and I don't really know that it was). I sent a post card to a state agency on a post card and now when I get post cards in the mail I get alot of abuse... If you are citgo (Venezuela) or a friend of citgo's what do you do if you want to commit a murder. Replay a terrorist attack on the Internet??? There is some Mexican guy who has audible damage to his voice because of what is probably the refineries who has decided he controls communication on the bus and is going to call me (mr child protection agency informant) a pervert. I suspect he may have been fired from citgo. He is not as bad as the black guy who was trying to get me to commit suicide in 2001 when I was working at sitel but he is intense.

Drugs.... I am getting harassed and they claim it is about Drugs??? I am getting harassed and then a police officer says it is about drugs??? This is what happens in corpus Christi.. This is what cops say to protect organized crime. He flat out stated that a lie detector test isn't evidence. I openly offered to take a lie detector test about a terrorist attack and about drugs if he wishes.

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