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Thursday, February 15, 2007


wildcatting for geothermal

mergers can be bad on people, hopefully everything works out.. The safety deposit woman is someone I have known for years and she is a sweet person, other factors came into play that changed my behavior such is the world.

Does the state have some sort of monopoly on hot air ... er I mean hot water for geo-thermal? I suspect that the city itself has a large amount of land available including maybe slant drilling near the airport believe it or not.. would that be stepping on ora's toes... No I don't think so they would be glad to sell the equipment to whoever wants it (since they build and use it, I would double check the symbol I am going from memory and it could be faulty). Instead of watching how we are doomed all the time (oil industry and military bases) we have a chance to get a few jobs here and there. I will re purpose the small cap stock idea and maybe even a couple dollars of forced investment (better than forced taxes any day).

I found a new windpower stock that looks like it could be worth investing in. babcock and brown wind partners. it is on the pink sheets because it is a forein stock (most likely sponsered by someone else). dividend looks pretty good and if spi gets bought could end up being the only (profitable) pure play on the market

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