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Monday, February 19, 2007


xm/serius merger signs of someone trying to use extortion to deal drugs.

I am going up a few thosuand tommorow and will be holding alot of xmsr shares because the shorts are not going to want my puts.. There are some signs that someone is after the cash again. Besides having someone yell at me when I missed 17 I am getting the feeling that there was an attempt to make me feel bad about myself. I am getting some abuse keeping me awake. When you hear about people that do drugs it is always as an escape.. Here some abuse that is the drug dealer sign of the drug war. Looks like xmsr should be worth 17.02 tommorow that is assuming that sirius stays at it's current price.. that is up around $300 per hundred shares or contract. There is a good chance the merger will not go through but I am making a score because of the price move and the way the option market works.

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