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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


devil says you can change to alternative feul and not make the investment

The devil says we can change the world and not make the investment or pay for it one way or another... The devil will tell you how business's will pay for it without telling you that it will reduce capital gains collected by various governments and retirement funds that government and business have to pay for. The devil will say that there is only one way to do it and play the other side about why it should not be done... waste not want not... I have seen estimates that as much as 10% of electric is wasted in distribution and another 10% is wasted on standby energy... I have seen the lower wattage t.v. sets that use less material and are smaller.. (72 down to 35 watts).. I am still waiting to see any politition in either party come up with something better than what I have heard so far..

I am not saying that if you don't make the investment that it turns out to be free or pay for itself in either less inflation or lower prices... The devil is looking for a way to do it that doesn't work... ways we know cause problems from 1979...

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