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Saturday, March 31, 2007


double stacker...

Someone kicked my corpus christi caller times newspaper into my door... It has been like a hotel room next door so it is hard to tell who it could have been.. They have started to delever it at around 3 am.. kinda amusing.

last night this chick came by burger king.. she is stacked... My fryer filter thing is still fried.. I started to filter the best I could last night and then the cook took over.. It filter part of it is ripped now.. What comes to mind is someone who is on steroids although there is some hint that all the worst equipment is coming to the store.. Seems like a number of people are "dis-grunteled".. Usualy when there is a dispute you hear people say well they are just dis-gunteled.. The pure number of disgrunteled people may indicate there is something wrong.. I offered a stock pick.. I was picking up some odd lots of irr... It is a mutual fund by ing.. The other ing closed fund has done well and you are stealing the dividend that is payed on the 16th.. You can dollar cost average it after the 4th if the ex-date has much of an effect on the price.. They are back to collecting dividends a little along after that...

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