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Monday, March 05, 2007


more tobbaco issues retaliation

If you are doing medical research on tobaco for a city-county hospital with brown vs board students how would you phrase it... suggest that the guy is jewish.. say that the feds are natzi's... These are a few more of the details on what the ccisd school district allowed on campas... How do you cover up something like that... sunday night it was locational skitzaphrena followed by a corpus christi police car.. more sexual insults heard down low.. I keep hearing that I am not cooperating.. I believe I am seen as the enemy and the sexual comments (pervision I don't believe democrats should get married to each other) are indictive of a racial issue and retaliation for the tobbaco industry and possibly some military personel.. I don't have any clear picture except they control comunication with the permission of the police department and that it is up to the catholics (former city county hospital) to diagnose such things..

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