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Saturday, March 24, 2007


political games...

Mirror the customer.... I am thinking there is a small amount of political retaliation against the blog and talking about the abuse I am getting amoung some of those that support pete alverez.. I can't tell but you start a conversation hoping to have someone add to it??? I like having the state police downtown.. It is not as good as having the police on the "middle south side".. It is a check on the city department and when it starts to look like people want to get rid of the customers I have to question why.. We are in robstown also with the cameras.... Alot of the loans would just transfer ownership of the whole company to the lender and then they probily fire everyone.. It is one of the things I learned from researching jer . I was reading about fallen angels.. supposedly if you pick fallen angels the rate of return is much greater than the market as a whole... My best picks are income growth and institiom ownership... I noticed a mutual fund that has returned 600% in a ten year period (including cap gains)... ticker is fund.. they should give good advice when they tell you what you own and decent cap gains distribution most of the time in december.

I will look around someday and the person in the kitchen will be angel and there will not be enough ormats in the cooler... falling knives will be falling from where the gloves are stored (I should have put them up before I left where they belong).. ya and jason....

THere is a smallcap oil company around $1 that is profitable from the guru site, I will have to get the letters for that one..

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