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Thursday, March 01, 2007



vonage looks like it may not be doomed. I don't understand it so I am staying away from it. I think it is unpopular in some quarters as a concept.

jrt came up in a screen as high institution ownership.. it is 12 earnings this year and it listed as having 10 times earnings for next year... 8% div yield.. This is comercial real estate and they own the loans in some cases calateralised by the buisness. I might buy into part of a percent..

my watch is jrt, babcock and brown and ora...

the last two are political babcock has a pretty high yield because it is an austrialian fund (listed on the pink sheets and it's multinational).

spi is being bought by endosa.. I started with a half american utility.. no telling what it is now mostly euorpean with international wind exposure.. spinning the towers off may benifit the shareholders..

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