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Monday, March 05, 2007


short trade venezuala

I don't see an etf where you can short trade the whole country.... vandelism I was looking at swc ... nothing there realy except that it trades below market like many and russia and brazel are big parts of the currency.. yields around 6% and is done by leg masson.. They have recently hired someone who used to do the retirement funds for att. My search turned to msn... started coverage befour a downturn in the stock price acording to what I see on the web.. I saw another possible trade roleplayed.. near church of acts.. act is an mp3 output in china that is high groath but can't go into the u.s. market because of copyright issues..

I sold scottish power and bought uu and ora... uu owns the lines only and is going into windpower plus it is in pounds.. ora is a geothermal company that pays a dividend they have a policy of paying out a certain percentage of the profits as dividends.. expect to see higher dividends, don't expect them to save the world.. current tek doesn't do that.. In the texas market the houston post would have you believe that the texas market can take every watt that is thrown at it and we have relatively high wholesale prices.. good if you are a local booster trying to get a plant.. bad if you are a green and you have to defend very high natural gas prices. The best thing for the state of texas is to look at what california has done in the past and figure out a way to do it right (as opposed to the way they did it) I went 1% ora and .88% uu. I can get my income and groath that is about the same not that the merger is bad it just has to much cash (that is now not doing anything better to sell and buy the purchasing company)

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