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Saturday, March 10, 2007



Some chick that I could not see very well sounds like she threw a tantrum.. Like she is mad at me or something or that is her reaction to frustration.. I don't like being there in the morning there are to many people agressivly asking for money.. It is the same reason you shouldn't drive downtown if you work down town, to many people are desperate..

I am able to handle the weight better but cutting bacon seem to have irrated it somewhat.. I am not paying the catholics to cut me open, I just won't...

I could have much better affairs.. seems like there is a switch of people once in awhile.. There is to much complaining.. There could probily be schools of thought about weather it is supposed to be a way to sell drugs or whatever or someone or where roleplayed... We work because we have to... at least most of use it is understood..

reminds me of freedkin.. I would watch jason on t.v. (jan april sept oct nov) so he is roleplaying how jason is trying to hurt an unborn child or this and that the other... (I remember freedkin going around claiming he was a comunist, envirementalist, satanist))

I say I don't like smoke and then into the national association of individual investers for as little as $25 a month exc. exc..... It is because of smoke I became a capitalist.. I was telling him about how the money will be invested after we sell his truck for the investment club members..

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