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Sunday, March 04, 2007


stripes signs

I am looking at the stripes signs.... Not all the same.. On route 17 I see when it hits you (and then another) when it hits you (and then something that looks like it is a folded up version of a conversation with a police officer at the one downtown) how good is your memory... some of that isn't showing of course but it looks like something out of mad magazine that you fold to get a different meaning. it doesn't even look like it is folded very well. strange...

I was trying to decide if it looked like someone was trying to get us sued or not.. couldn't tell.... lawsuit abuse.. they talk about how they have to have a cigarette and I am asked if I am going to buy the stuff I see in the adds (x-box).. reminds me of freedkin.. I was saying that the democrats wanted him to join a union or association and that the association of individual investor would take that money he was spending on cigarettes and..... He said the democrats want him to get castrated also... I was having a hard time saying that wasn't so..


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