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Sunday, April 22, 2007


america strikes back algae as food after the battle of the crop burning


This is the current search of algae plus recipe.. It has taken me a little while to sort of get a starting point for what hasn't been theorised yet (for the purose of science fiction 2 to 5 years out min)

befour I get into the investing part here is what the epa is saying (we are republicans think about what happens with democraps)

"The National Sustainable Design Expo features technologies that could keep your car moving with fuel made from algae, heat and cool your home with solar power, make sure the world has clean drinking water and much more"


"We are very much thinking of commercialisation of inedible oil plants such as Jatropha, possible use of algae, microbes, and bacteria as feedstock for bio-diesel production," Kammonen added."

The name of this company is nestle oil...


I havn't done enough research on this company because it just came up, but the name is
famaliar.. when I started research I noticed bacteria but then discovered that algae was being researched in a big way.. They are saying what they might do... I might go to the moon doesn't mean I will but if the company is good anyway..

looking into the companies website I get... "Comparable operating profit reached EUR 597 million, up 5.7% on 2005." We are talking about euros in some circles that is better than money. adr ticker sybal is ntoif

This is a quote from nrg a company rated as 8 on msn and listed as a moderate buy.. earnings are growing for other reasons but they are doing research on a algae system for carbon capture. It is the wrong location for huge oil production but it's the right crop.. (The right place for polution control)

":The energy-rich algae are harvested daily and can be converted into a broad range of biofuels or high-value animal feed supplements"

the symbal is nrg

HQSB.OB this is a chinese company that sells algae for food. It is possible they haven't discovered that there is oil in algae but they are a profitable groath company..

PetroSun Oil psud.pk I saw this one and I can't understand it. I noticed that they say they are doing stuff in texas and the state police should double check that..



I may have said honda befour but I was wrong..


It is possible that yamhf isn't the only ticker sybol for yamaha... They decided they wanted into the algae buisness... I think they are after algae oil as the prise but are trying to devolop tek to create disigner algae... It is shown as a growth company and says anti-oxidents are only the beggining... the method for harvesting looks electric intensive but most power not used at night is wasted anyway.. yamcy and yamcf is a ticker for further research because mircosoft doesn't go into it further..

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