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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


atf french fry filter and leaks exc....

I saw the police department and the atf near where there was a car wreck the other day along bus route 17..... This person gets on the bus.... angele or that is her monicer... she says her cousin is on the top ten most wanted list... she knows where he is she says but she isn't going to say anything... drugs or some such...

I got mad about the fryer filter saterday.... The tube just shot out in the direction on the cook/manager... I was ticked I thing they are doing it on purpose and then he distracts me while I am doing it and he knows the equipment is screwed up.... He took over for me and listed what is probily a little less than 50 pounds of hot greese plus the weight of the metal and put it back into the fryer... I was amazed at how stupid the whole thing was... It may have partialy been a reaction to haveing all of them drug tested...

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