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Thursday, April 19, 2007


green shift vs green fuel

I think it may be intentional confusion between greenshift and greenfuel... I have noticed the algae oil stories have started to appear in the press releases of reputable public companies... Sorta floating around without credibility and some half truths and no real way to make money off of it... The public company didn't get busted but if you look up algae oil and fraud you get stories about thier "customers" carjacking and ties to organised crime... barrons also is questing the validity of the company... greenshift is privite and their may be a chance that a name that had a contract at one time with the feds was picked up... And stranger...... You wouldn't put it past the government to print money to look into some of this stuff..

Honda wants into the business for environmental reasons... what did they come up with.. growing algae indoors with artificial light.... not that creditable at first glance to environmentalists.. They have products now to sell as anti-oxidants... and alot of patents and a base to work from... I don't know what that means..

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