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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


renewable stuff

tyson announced a huge deal with conoco for reformulated waste food oil... crisco and cosmetic prices could go up a little bit plus such stuff is exported... Alot of it has been dumped and is a waste problem... tyson had a choice because of the ethanol thing.. alternative energy or bankrupcy...

ormat sent me thier company report... Is the multiple high maybe looks like they are adding 10% to thier generating capacity next year. Texas leases are mentioned only in passing no project is mentioned... The thing to note is that we go after ELECTRICITY plants based on COMPETING WITH OTHER LOCALS...... WRONG WRONG WRONG... We Have a strip of several miles that generate waste heat (refineries) along with pipelines (ormat makes waste heat deals with several pipelines in several countries).. at 15 cents a kilowatt hour, alternative generation requirements and a growing market we just aren't marketing the right type of business the right way..... forced investment and then do whatever you want with the shares (A certain portion is borrowed and paid by the capacity) is a good way to get busness without competing with other places.... Alot of us can send envelopes to our shareholders instead of our neighbors we have the skills..

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