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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


some figurative stuff

If I take things figuratively... you have texas industries (jason) and they own paper so they encourage you to use it for different things in the buisness.... pepsi did the same thing when they bought some resteraunt buisness... You have kkr and now they are going to be taking care of your children and they own a tobbaco comapany (and first data). Does that mean you are going to see more kraft and cigerettes at dollar general.... roleplaying maybe inside a jail somewhere... knife is hidden up high and there is the fight that is sorta being played out between the "black lady" and man and there is some encouragement to get other people into the fight... (If I take it figurative in that way instead of literal).... I am also looking at X (someone gave him the bike)... The phrase catch a falling knife... We have the xmsr and dish network at burger king.. paychecks... I saw it on one of the money shows as having the options indicating something.... I would have to pridict the way it would be roleplayed.....

The other side of the security camara is probily intresting...

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