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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


symbal payx company paychex

This one is creepy... We are replaying a place maybe.. this or that person dislikes there job exc exc.. different ways to role play stuff... do you want to benefit from insider info about 911 911 Panorama Trail SouthRochester NY 14625 (the source of the address is Microsoft).... same version number as buzz befour it crashed..
Sales 1.8 Bil (buzz crashed at 1.8 supposedly) then it was sold to fruity loops...

looks like it is a growth company with alot of cash flow per share.. replaying my bosses bicycle... THe X bike that was given to him and we do have alot of black employees that may be trying to give off the appearance of the nation of Islam.. unusual option pricing indicates people think something is going to happen.. I wouldn't get involved unless you make it a small part of your portfolio (long) or with someone else's money.. a combination of shares and a out of the money call at 42.50 is pretty low risk with a low cost brokerage where they are $1.. Listed as a cash king when I went searching through google news...

I am also looking at our messed up payroll and clockin system..

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