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Saturday, April 28, 2007


weekend projects

Look and feel is a phrase I had heard at one time..... It shouldn't be about my style it is about the customers style.... Do what you want but be careful mr customer about being to much like buzz or violating the look and feel of fruitloops... several ways to roleplay that if I wish (or put it a better way if the author wished).. I don't care what shape or size for that matter... people just feel they have to set the size in the software instead of leaving it a variable.... I don't know if I should go through sourceforge or rent-a-coder to fix the place where I am stuck if it is just $20 then I should get my cash back at some point.....

I am looking to do a language conversion something like Chinese to English or German to English or both.. I found two gui projects that lack English documentation, I get a small amount of traffic and I get to take stuff apart.... looking for the killer unknown app... I have another coding concept with csound I can do also....

Don't want to see people go to cancer... Not people I know, there is something dark about tobbaco..

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