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Thursday, May 10, 2007


citgo problems in court

As anyone who has been near the citgo plant knows (known as coastal befour it was bought by the Bolivian republic of Venezuela although some people call it other kinds of a republic) You can hear who has been in or near the plant. It shows up in the voices as sort of a gravely sound. It is no surprise that citgo is now in trouble for releasing to much benzene and stealing endangered species that they have demised instead of following the correct procedures. Citgo is requesting that the owner of the plant is mentioned.. It appears the owner feels like they are doing something that would effect the opinion of a jury. I personally would like to note that when I used to walk behind the plant down the rail road tracks that you would see oil spills on the tracks.

(Note about the author.. I just wake up to npr and listen to just a little bit mainly I get my news from environmental news services and would not be prejidiced by npr as a juror )


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