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Thursday, August 30, 2007


installing the bloodshed ide with current version of lazerus or fpc

This is a simple guie to installing the bloodshed dev ide with lazarus. The reason why I did this is that it makes it simplier to compile fpc code because you don't have to worry about why you are compiling a form you do not want or copying something and then creating a new project out of it(I haven't fully tested the latter yet but it compiles).Instead I get around a problem I had with both lazarus and borland c++ 4.0 (also the reason I bought microsoft c ) I can just click on code to bring up the editor and the ide is much better than the default that is provided with fpc. First you would go to the bloodshed page and download what they call devolopment pascal. This is just an older version of fpc with the ide. Next you would install it. After you install devopment pascal you need to go into the folder and copy the contents and then go the the lazarus folder next you keep going until you are in the fpc folder and then you paste. When you are promted to rewrite over an old folder you need to press no because these are from an older version of pascal. Now you can create a shortcut and copy it to where you wish. This method can also be used with fpc (without lazarus).

GLEditor may also come in handy because it gives you the line numbers. (unless I missed that feature in lazarus and if I did I will revise my remarks) very helpfull for finding runtime errors

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