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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


state of the universe (as I see it)

looks like one of the morning people was in at 4 am (customers). on the morning I left early and then I saw what looked like him on route 17.... maybe it isn't if you were to take it to a courtroom and and give me an eye exam.... I can let that slide. It is the maintence person at the waterford that gives off a stonger impression of stalking.. I have my own google board so if there is a reason to talk to me about burger king in corpus christi or whatever.. The blog could be an atractive nuesence. Alot of times we have lets say person x (when he/she isn't wasting food on purpose) creating some kind of a problem and then person y (That's me why are you doing that).. because we are near the bus stop (greyhound) and people remember when the cops were not around as much so they could solicit stuff plus the state police are in the building and someone might want to transport drugs through the greyhound station and they would be seen from outside the bus. Best to tell the drug adicts you know to get the transfer and hit the bus from robstown.. We are also near the bridge so if someone wanted to start trouble exc...

atractive nuesence.......... And then lets say I had posted a crime it it made it into the top ten of organised crime + corpus christi... Then you can backstab me because I made the company look bad by saying what an idiot you are in the blog.. I was asked if I wrote any games or maybe it was software about anyone at work.. I had asked for $20.. I write a simulation of anyone I work with. What I am doing is rouge like (two genre's for the price of one) what letter would you like them to be... We are talking about when letters of the alpabet attacked each other (befour pixels no dout). You might laugh but wait until a sentence comes after you.

Seems that I left my source code on the bus, like I keep telling people I am going to make $100 some day and it wasn't realy that good anyway just thinking trough puzzles or coding alot of times I will never look at it after I have written it just recall or sorta follow the same thought...

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