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Friday, August 17, 2007



Window Object Library

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WOL - Window Object Library is an object library of windows written in object pascal that it has as purpose to facilitate to the development of applications using the Free Pascal Compiler (FPC). The library is not compatible with Delphi© and will demand many modifications in the code to work with this compiler. The library does not try to simulate native objects of the Delphi©, I prefer to do this another way instead of having legal problems on copyrights, as they make some projects. Although this, the set of objects is very similar to the set of the Delphi©The library acts as a linking enters the native API of a GUI any and the application one. A application one could then be compiled between operational systems and GUIs without if needing to modify the code source. The plug-in system of the library must provide the necessary functions for each operational environment. However, this does not limit the application one to only use the library. It will be able to use any resource that the API of the particular GUI in supplying to it.


This allows enormous flexibility when it creates a new kernel for the library, therefore it has established set of functions required for WOL so that the linking functions correctly. Implementing one kernel for the GTK/GDK is enough to implement the functions demanded for kernel for this GUI. To create one kernel for the text, it is enough to implement the functions in the surrounding text that satisfy to the necessities of WOL.
If you desire to contribute with code source, creation of documentation, etc., contact-in.Carlos Alberto de Oliveira

This document is also available as a pdf

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