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Monday, September 24, 2007


dev mag and the open gaming licence....

http://www.devmag.org.za/ THis is a south africa gaming programming magazine... Just reading through it I would say it is a good mentering magazine for kids or those who are not veterans of programming.. Mixed in with these are some advanced topics.. I would have to mention if you are int rested in blender ( a 3d graphics program ) that this is an excellent magazine I also noticed that they had examples of how to program in java (for cell phones).. It is interesting to read and it is in a comic book like 32 page format (meaning it was printed (if it was printed) in two 16 page flats)... or something close to that depending on the press... The even number of pages suggests that it is printed and sold as well as put online..

Role playing and the open gaming licence... It is realy hard to tell how commited hasbro is to this (they bought tsr at some point with d and d)... THey give some of the less interesting classes and refer to all the characters as she... THere is also mention of various alignments.. It is lawful evil (or somesuch) that I have been thinking about the most... How closely it fits into my proximity.. You can describe them as organizations that are evil and that often achieve thier goals to paraphrase it... It may not even be inportant what you would see on one day or another it is the destination that is probily the bigest piece of intel... Someone could have alot of fun doing the rundown of someone questioning the "lady's"..

I have alot more code that I haven't realesed and won't release until I get more sleep... I have noticed that docemention is hard to come by for the librarys that I have with free pascal (the ones that I did not download with free pascal)... I also noticed a pascal magazine that maybe needs to use different sources.. Not different but the correct word would be additional sources because they are not 100% correct and they are missing some of the power of pascal.. What I saw in the issue number 1 is a reprinting of the doc's with the software in question and alot of fluf.. that is o.k. to a point but there is a time to get serious if you are a publication.. I may look up dephi.. I would suggest making an index of a magazine if you have more than one issue.. I did that for python and will have one for game dev as well.. that way you have one page that tells you where everything is at including issue number.. It is all part of keeping organised notes...

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