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Sunday, September 30, 2007


More harrasment last night...

I am hearing the abuse the police department won't prosecute in my apartment again.. One of the problems that could occur is that if someone does tamper with someones food they can later claim it is entrapment because they were being abused and cite the b.s. in my apartment... One more reason why controlling communication isn't something the police department should tolerate unless they want people to direct b.s. at them..

What I am hearing in the apartment is again more sexual abuse claiming to be about do not ask do not tell... It works something like this they appeal for help and then the navy people bitch that they are getting harassed by it..

Must be military people.. explains why we are loosing the war in iraq they are inciting violence against themselves.. Somewhere along the line the military must have dumped there intelligence test (I don't know if it is state of federal or just something that is encouraged to non military personal to avoid a lawsuit for marketing tobacco to 14 year old kids)... Sounds like attempted murder and part of what I am getting now is someone who tracks me around the bridge downtown like there is some expectation of success or something..

I am hearing that the abuse is about drugs... You would have to be on drugs to promote what I am hearing in my apartment.. This is an example of controlling comunication I suspect that it is one way of getting support for the war convince me that you deserve to die... Just one more reason I am pro-bloodshed

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