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Sunday, September 09, 2007


physco moron (at burger king corpus christi) rougelike pursuit

I found something on the strannik modula2-c-pascal compliler when I was looking through the examples that may help me in my endevor to build a simple text-graphic (could be replaced with tiles) rougelike game... Looks like you can enter dos mode and pick your curser position... At the top of the file you have uses win32 and then you use the example.. looks messy and I do not know if it works with free pascal.. The other choice is gnu pascal and I am not sure how to work that yet.. (or for that matter if it works)..

Some morron walked in with a three te-shirt and a sucicide hat.. I had said something that he should have overheard.... What are you doing near the bridge with that hat... or some such thing... We have the state police... You want to hear your rights gnu style.. When we talk of freedom of speach we are talking freedom of action not freedom from paying the price... (this is well worth pursuing as satire with some work could be realy amusing)

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