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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


science fraud and skitz...

There is some chick with a room for rent $300 no drugs no cigerettes.. It already sounds like a much better neiborhood.. airline and mcardle.. I don't know that it would be an apropreate apartment under the circumstances... $150 and I will sleep in your room and you can rent the other.. It is further than I want to go though since I work downtown..

He is going to extort his way into my apartment because he is fighting a drug war... He is trying to tick me off.. I don't want to insult our customers but it insults him so I say *(*) stays outside you bring a woman over here and you can fight the drug war you claim to be fighting. This is a replay on what I smeared the cops over like ccpd has decided it is going to become the gambinos. If I sleep with a police officer I get a discount on the rent..

science fraud and skitz.... I found a letter I saw in the graphiti... E


stephanie H is only insider trading if it is someone I know you should be in real like tiker H... no screw real life (down 98%)

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