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Saturday, October 20, 2007


throwing biskets on the ground for homeless people

..... source says... you should make sausage egg cheese through it on the ground and then give it to homeless people.. exc.. exc.. exc.. I could just buy a homeless person a bisket what is up with this and then the attempt at persuasion (I didn't offer to buy a homeless person a bisket or get the homeless person to go to loaves and fishes and am not sure of the homeless person in question)... then he asked me if I read the bible... I did say your one of those people aren't you the ones that want to bankrupt us to build a larado taco.. I am not sure who or what is being mentioned... I have some source code that I was working on in the loby, I need sleep and more time to release it in a couple of days monday is probily when I wan't to polish it up.. Another text library for roguelikes.. seems like the state people are letting the kids stay out insanly late... 3 a.m. and transport home kids nowaday's..

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