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Thursday, October 04, 2007


very still water on the bay..

We seem like the downtown waterburger.... Management doesn't want to talk to the customers anymore they want to get rid of all of them... jessica says there is alot of strange customers at night... jessica is trying to make it look like I am being sneaky or being dishonest about going to the job fair.. I tell her the truth.. To be honest sunshine (I don't call her that but it would have been more dramitac) I am watching what my fellow employees are doing and it looks like at some point we are not going to have jobs because the company goes under... Our customers are putting on the job fair... meaning american bank center and the corpus christi caller times... I believe some of our other employees should be there.. The morning cook is giving to much information about what he wants... It is the word down I think, never say you need a quantity down unless you want them cooked, we didn't cook them though.... He does realy good though..


almost no waves.... You can hear the boats realy well... It is like a song almost.. It gives an intresting background for bird photography and jelly fish will be upside down on the first step of the seawall in just enough water to do there thing.. moving around... You will see crabs on the wall.. drugs drugs drugs I hear in my apartment he is lazy (Italian and not the person I describe as being loconaly roid rage skitizphrania) and he wants people to find drugs for him... I can run some advertisements on my website... Lack of sleep maybe sound doesn't sound normal for me.. I mistook tires for a helicopter that was flying around..


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