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Thursday, November 08, 2007


114 , 135 richard street (REMAX)

This is my buyers agent and they want return buisness.. that is my hope it is through remax... looking at 114 it feels on the squishy sqeeky side. It feels like a hard sell.. I was looking for a con artist that is on my side. there is a channel 10 thing on the fridge hurricane map.. The yard looked bigger when I went by a couple of nights ago.. They are small lots... I don't know if 135 is high in comparison to others nearby but 114 may still need to go down in price to move.. I would like to see another one with a foundation maybe I need to do more of a walkthrough to see what else is out there.. They try to get me in the afternoon... I don't do as well without sleep.. makes me look like I am on meds or something..

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