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Thursday, November 08, 2007


135 richard problem renter???

What little I saw of 135 (and 133)... looks like a junkyard... I don't mind the cars unless it is causing a problem for the neibors... they are all on piers and if it is a midnight machanic keeping everyone up... They ran over the for sale sign and we couldn't get the door open or at least I couldn't.... They sort of look like maybe one bedroom... says $550 a month in the mls. according to the finance agreement I am on the property comes out to an extra $500 on close for the foundation and $60 a month or something like that in exchange for not having sound come up under your property and all the problems you get with piers. On a cash flow return basis it is much more atractive for an extra $500 you get $150 a month.. looks like it is an all bills paid situation... With the realitor it feels like bait and switch with the price difference being the selling point... It is alot squeekier than the house on piers I was staying at... I don't know if it is loud enough for the renters to wake themselves up.

It may be why the lender wants me to have the renter insured.. In case they have any unfortunate occurances then they still get paid and hopefully I can extend that insurance a bit to cover other non-sence from the renter..

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