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Monday, November 19, 2007



The dummy I work with at the downtown burger king burnt me on purpose.. I had said sometime afterwords that nothing that happens here has any effect on what happens outside of work.. john looked unhappy about that.. power tripping I think... I am heavily leaning towards just getting my escrow back.. I am making the transactions for the wrong reasons... If I feel I can't walk away then I will get ripped off so the deal is off... The money upfront is to much.. It was o.k. until I started being theoreticly responcible for repairs up to 5%... being able to walk away long befour that is a big deal.... I feel that makes it a bad deal... the buyers agent gets a seller who may wish to get the other 3%... I am not sure that I should be trusting of that arangement..

internet went off with something called a property management error... looked like net zero has a c compiler in the reinstaller (or at least an interpeter)

propery manager::whatever here class structures and members exc.. excuse me c++ compile in it..

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