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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


edward street deal

My agent looked down and depressed yesterday.... hopefully I don't have a problem with my lender (ing) or the property on 133 edwards ( in corpus christi ) that I need to know about... I am a little nervous about my lender and I expect them to do what they told me they would do...

looking into landlord services... credit and criminal background check $35 it includes people with patriot act issues... They talk about a sex offender check but all thier pictures are on the internet ( and free )so that isn't an issue. The closest one looks to be around the 110's somewhere on edward steet ( in corpus christi texas ).. I keep you deposit and evict you if your adress comes back and there are kids in one of the other units.. I havent seen other issues like kicking someone out listed yet. I see a no money down offer but the deal probily wont work because they do not have a broker..

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