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Thursday, November 15, 2007


insurance and duplex

I was wanting buthead insurance... i.e. if you are a buthead and don't want to honor your lease insurance.. The internet isn't much help for that... I seem to need something called land lords insurance and then rent loss insurance is included in that along with lawsuit, property damage insurance exc... The ceiling downstairs is pretty low.. I don't have a tub downstairs I just have a shower... I may want to change that along with getting a shower door.. I have always thought that shower curtains are bad design.. due to not being airtight.. tile on the ceiling may be worth while.. propery always looks bigger at night.. I don't believe you can put anything like an extra fourplex the seller suggested building a garage and then doing a conversion.... I could just add an extra bedroom with one of the room addition people.. I was hoping for a second so that I don't have to sell fixed income stuff for a loss..

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