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Thursday, November 01, 2007


interest rates

I have noticed that bank of america hasn't changed the interest rate since befour the 1/2 point cut.. I will have to call them about that... looks like my payments dropped $1.03 .. that is just paying stuff off... looks like 31 days in the statement.. they might try 32 to max the interest for the quarter befour it drops because of rates...

oil went to $96 a barrell.. it seems like a high price for the near term..

I am hearing a phrase at work I do not like... I do things to the food of the people I do not like... I have heard this phrase before.. We work for larado taco right????.... not sure who or what is being roleplayed...

I take it you sell food from packistan...
It says packistan on the package..
we sell food from india to india pakistan same difference..
(if you ignore the nukes they point at each other any way)
it is a j and e or somesuch two letter combination at saratoga and airs.

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