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Saturday, November 10, 2007



THere is a person with a marine bumper sticker that was mowing lawns in front of a car dealership... The bumper sticker seemed very large and almost like a billboard (because of the way the truck was placed like if you wanted it to stand out while you were filming it) A real marine would outsmart the foilage and not have to mow it... You could imagine a conversation between someone who bought a truck that had a marine truck with a bumper sticker and someone who had found a marine hat talking about the old days....

In this town you can buy a car or a house... (this is how the story starts on the bus)... Like an intro to a story that is going to be filmed on the bus... I was asked about buying a car many times... harrased and abused about buying a car... It is silly I can't buy a house or a car... I can buy a duplex though..

this is another story where you sort of guess how the different programs are run.. You ask to see a duplex on richard street and it has alot of cars on it that are not fixed up... playing devils advocate with the broker about who they sell to or a window of opertunity to sell that to the broker... Maybe it is not a program for the broker... It could be roleplayed as a source... I want you to talk to america and the one person with all the old cars gets the house that is privite I.E. it is harder to wireless tap it and they harrass the persone in house 2 the less expensive house and deal drugs and pass whatever they are going to pass on... It could also be devils advocate about having a bunch of whatever in the front yard that is never fixed up exc exc to the neibors.. In real life the contracters are going to do everything as quickly as possible because time is money but this is about sales and price and you want them one at a time. That is why the mover should have all the contracters lined up for the buyer because he should be the expert and he says he can do that..... the land isn't going anywhere... ror looks like it could be realy good around the hosipital but you want alot of extra capital to pull it off....

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