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Friday, November 16, 2007



I think I have moved away from all the commands that are stolin from c and used in other languages.... This is about tokins and there is mention that you should never tokin and then some say you can token but only if you need to .... We are talking about programming right???? The goal is something like for word in line (in python) where I read a line from a file, split it up and then create a loop that I send to playsound.. each synth is a function that can be put in another c file with it's own h file that can be loaded by other c programs with a simple include statement.. I don't know if that is usefull or not.. I need adobe to make cover art to ever find out for sure (in the obscure music programming market)... If it works with bass (or whatever I need to check my computer).. I come up with alot of power that works in a unique way..

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