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Thursday, December 13, 2007


2415 coleman street ( corpus christi )

I was looking at 2415 coleman street in corpus christi texas ( tx ).. This is two units offered by island reality (This is from memory so adress and realitor may be slightly different).. The house next door (the one closer to 18th street) has an agressive dog that is pregnant, It is possible (because I have delt with this breed befour near the county library downtown) that the dog won't back off and bite someone when she has her pups.. As far as owner ocupied it looks like someone who walks may have a problem and I even heard the comment he is likely to get shot.. I went through era and they realy didn't seem that helpfull and he said he was there exactly on time and I had went there and didn't see him three minutes befour the apointment at 10:00 am and decided to back off... There would be no way I would owner occupy (as a white person) in a anti-white mexican neiborhood (at least enough so where I would have more problems with people than usual).. They don't realy suggest anything such as owner finance or a management agreement (it would have to be managed by someone to be feasable))... Island reality has also made some errors in how they listed it.. they listed one unit when they calculated square footage and didn't mention the number of units in the mls.. It should have also been listed as multi-family and that suggests circumstansly that there may be an effort to manipulate the price or play devils advocate.. the dog also suggests it could be happening (not that it is but someone could do that to manipulate the price). There is circumstansial stuff at play that may be worth looking into.. the property itself looks like it might be insurable.. At least the roof looks good enough on first glance to get the insurance.. the neiborhood suggests that alot of people will be late and not pay thier rent.. Alot of 40's style mobile home looking strictures on piers...

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