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Saturday, December 08, 2007


4514 evelyn street

( 4514 evelyn street corpus christi texas tx )This is listed with dick myers.. The remax people say it is not thier remax it is a remax out of portland and they would know more about the shape that it is in and that she is friends with his wife... (didn't get the name).... Dick says there is problems with the title and that a title company will not insure it the first agent says it is listed as cash only.. dick says that it was done through an atourny.. he also says the foundation is cracked and that the roof needs repaired..

This has bad news written all over it you want me to give you 20k and then not have title insurance... I will give the agent and the seller the benifit of the dout and not say it is fraudulent but this is the sort of thing that can screw you and I don't understand why it is listed, It's is kinda a waste of everyones time..

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