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Thursday, December 06, 2007


codwell banker

Something happened where the adress's stopped coming up on coldwell bankers website followed by coldwell banker losing it's search engine ranking for "corpus christi" + "real estate"... They seem to have more listings than some of the free ones... There is yahoo and a few others... The bad think about it is you can't look up an adress such as 133 edwards street in corpus christi and then find the inspection report like you could a few weeks ago or find out that the price as listed on craigs minus the 10% suggested as a usual down payment came out to 666 plus some zero's.. The sellers agent is a different company though.. pyscopaths will leave clues sometimes so something that may seem or maybe it is coincidental is worth a closer look... hopefully it is nothing.. I take that back the adress's for multi-family are up there but the adress's for single family are not... doesn't seem that usefull except for a small number of people. (revised and extended)

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