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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


unauthorised bcx basic manual

This is the unauthorised bcx basic manual. Bcx basic is a bcx basic to c language converter and compiler. This is released in the hope that it will be helpfull (and the hope that there is some traffic).. The information in the manual is mostly from the examples and may be (probily is) not complete and may not always be acurate.

Libtcob for bcx basic

Compiling to an exe file

console example listing

Usin SuperEdit with bcx basic

CR editor with bcx basic and python

BCX basic gcc compile tool"

Program Control

String commands

misc windows and system commands

bcx variables

Helpfull links

bcx devolopment suite

bcx yahoo groups

This is a good start. Please keep the good work. A html-tutorial is really helpful as it can be translated very easy.

IMHO you should better begin the tutorial with examples like a "getting started" (I mentioned it in the yahoo-group). In the files section of the yahoo group you can also find an interesting newsletter (created by John J.) which contains some more interesting articles.

You should also ask the group (Dr.X iirc) if it can be published on bcxgurus.com on a seperate page.

I found a better copy of the docs so I am going change it quite a bit.
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