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Sunday, January 20, 2008


oil exc

The primary is going through with a mormon as the front runner in the republican race... The writing may be on the wall thouugh and mccain may get the nomination. You have to account for swing voters going into the dem primary instead of the republican because of obama. At the downtown burger king in corpus christi texas... I think in the mafia movie he says "You break my heart" exc.. exc.. exc.. and then he dies unfortuantly.. godfather or something if I recall... Our oil thing was "stolin".. boss man asks me how I got the oil out of the bucket without lifting 10 gallons of hot oil.. with this pan... The pan will be stolin it's company policy. The grease catcher was to small and I noticed another piece of safty equipment that was gone that would have helped keep someone from getting burnt with boiling oil....

There is this story about a construction engineer or somesuch.. and his book on structial steel...

I am getting all the questions about what chat groups I am on exc.. exc.. exc.. I watch t.v. You are supposed to call someone a pervert and that means they will stop posting about you on the internet.. John doesn't even look like the same person every time.. This is company policy.. He looks more palistinion than mexican but he has the accent like his parents imigrated to mexico.. I am crossing the paths of alot of iranian programmers.. small world..

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