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Monday, February 11, 2008


grids available for auto hot key.

There are a number of spreadsheet options in ahk. These are very helpfull for building front ends for various music
languages like csound.. home made trackers and various mathlab like programs.. the following is just a little taste
of how to deal with cells in ragrid followed by some links to the available grids in ahk



RG_SetHdrText(hGrd, 0, "some text")

the first argument is always hGrid. The second argument is the column number starting with 0 and the third argument is the text
to placed in the column. You can also set the text using RG_AddColumn(hGrd, "cap=Text", "w=150", "ha=2", "ca=2", "type=EditText" ) where
the second field is the text to be placed on top of the column

There are a number of grid controls for ahk..

micha's grid control






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